Reasons i choose to be in engineering

  • I can’t live without my cellular device..

May it be the night before exams, interacting with your friends is an important and vital task for me. Interaction is always on the topics not related to studies.

Copying assignments when someone forwards the pics to you.. This being the greatest advantage till date. Copying and copying…day and night and this results in..parents misunderstanding that we are studying.


  •  I love dreaming..

DREAMS…dream’s that never come true. We just keep dreaming this would happen and that would happen, but what happens is shit!

There’s such a huge difference between reality and dreams that at a certain point you say urself” sach toh hone nahi wala,sapne dekhar hi apne ap ko satisfaction de dete hai”


  • I wanted to take revenge from myself and do something really adventurous..

I wanted my life to be a hell.I mean no enjoyment.. Always the opposite that I want. All I wanted was my life to get ruined and drenched in tension,disappointments,fear,sadness,frustration,helplessness etc etc.

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  • I wanted to have a disturbed family life..

Life where there is always some or the other taunts and scoldings from parents. Listening to same set of rules and statements every semester but still no change. A life where parents think we can’t live without our cellphone’s and laptop’s. They think engineering is so easy.. It’s like we have to study on time, professors will throw marks on our face, and submitting assignments on time and doing all the possible things we can do on time or before time is engineering.

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  • I can’t live without tension

It’s like without tension life seems to have stopped. We have to think are we doing something wrong or are we missing something which we are not doing and others are doing if there is no tension!!

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  • I hate sleeping

Sleeping is only possible when we do our work on time, study on time, submissions are done on time. But doing all this things on time is a joke,so chuck it..In short sleeping is just assuming that we have had enough and satisfying sleep.

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  • I have enjoyed my life in childhood

It’s like i have completed enjoying and have lived my life to the fullest till entering this stream. I am satisfied with my life and now its like RIP.

My only aim now would be to stfu and study,do anything in life except enjoying at times when we really need to enjoy.. When we are exhausted.. When we are tired..still we have to continue doing things we are tired of.

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  • I hate to look like a smart person

Only if we get time to make us look smarty then only we will think about this. In life after have had seen so much of chutiyapa ,looking smart is not in the to-do list.

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  • I wanted a social boycott

When results come and there’s a flood of kts along with tension and frustration, some parents usually warn their kids or seize there cellphone’s or laptop’ going out with friends. This generally leads to a full stop on social networking but only for sometime. This repeats for eight long semesters and we get a habit of this so not a big issue.

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  • I wanted to work on holidays..

No matter  what,I am a studious engineer, proud of myself, dedicated to my work on holidays too..jokes apart this is obviously not the case. I don’t have any option rather sit and work on holidays.. Sometimes holidays too are less.

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